Monday, August 29, 2016
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Seeds: Small Time Capsules Save your non-hybrid seeds in air-tight, temperature-controlled containers to keep them viable for years at a time.  One survival gardener conducted an experiment with her 9 year old survival seeds.  Here are her results.  
Monsanto as Forbes Company of the Year? Seed company Monsanto currently controls over 90% off the market share for field crop seeds.  This monopoly is concerning for American citizens who are at the mercy of the whim of one company to produce virtually all of their food. To add insult to injury, Forbes named Monsanto their 2009 Company of the Year.  
Corporate Control of Agriculture Threatens Future Hybrid seeds, patents on basic food items, the agricultural lobby, and legal threats to small farmers and home gardeners are all a direct result of corporate control of every waking minute of every day in the United States.  
Seed Shortages Threaten Home Gardeners' Food Security Seed shortages are a real problem, as reported by MSNBC while visiting and talking with seed producers around the United States.  Growing plants for seed is a dying art, and one that could take entire families with it, if the current seed shortage worsens.  
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PARBAT: Farmers in Parbat have not been able to grow green vegetables due to a shortage of the required vegetable seeds.The shortage has reportedly taken place after the District Agricultural Office (DAO) Parbat failed to bring the seeds on time. Full Story



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